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Village Pub

The Brief

Not so much a brief, but an urgent need for help, as the new owners of this delightful and popular village pub witness nature in its most fearsome form, wreak havoc upon it. With a flooded out interior, a variety of important items ruined and the exterior spaces left in appalling condition, the shout went out for anyone who could help, to pitch in.

The Solution

This pub is such an important and intrinsic part of the community, and very close to our hearts that we rallied as many troops as we could to get it back in proper shape – using our team network to attract as many willing helpers as we could… and carrying out the renovation work on the exterior landscaping as a matter of urgency.

MMA also set about stripping out the upstairs apartment, completely restructuring and re-fitting the space, which has now become one of the area’s most sought after holiday staycation locations; featured on Alasdair Sawday’s list of recommended places.

The Outcome

Now trading successfully and returned to a lot more than its former glory, this heartfelt pub in one of Devon’s most picturesque villages is a place to pop into and enjoy very good times and exceedingly fine dining… not that we’re biased of course!

Andy says.

What a wash out the pub’s floors were totally destroyed, inside and out, and when we arrived to help, water was literally pouring through the pub and the staff were at a particularly low ebb! So great to see this Village Inn restored to what it should be – with a new patio area with grey cobbled brick foot paths to improve the drainage and look of the outside. Just the spot for a beer after work… a labour of love for us all and great to see the locals and staff happy again.

Mike is the business – extremely can-do, nothing is ever a problem

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